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Profi Tours Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 35952357040; Phone number for reservations: +359 886 55 99 85
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Kaliakra Palace - address and map location

Address of Kaliakra Palace - Golden Sands

Address: Golden Sands 9007, Bulgaria

Phone number in the hotel for additional information: 35952357040

Phone number for reservations *: +359 886 55 99 85 - We speak English

* All hotel accommodation prices on this website are valid only for bookings, made online or at the reservation phones of Profi Tours Ltd, listed above.

Hotel location:

Built in 2000, this distinctive seven-storey glass-fronted hotel uncovers an array of bright and spacious interiors. Unwind in the inviting lobby bar, sample a fine selection of cuisine in the elegant restaurant and venture to the pretty terrace and admire the stunning sea views. Plunge into the cool of the pools or get active in the fitness centre. Venture just 50m to the popular beach or 600m into the central hub.

Address: Golden Sands 9007, Bulgaria, Golden Sands

Distance to center: 990m
Distance to airport: 23km to Airport Varna
Distance to bus station: 400m
Distance to railway station: 18km
Distance to cash machine: in the hotel
Distance to exchange office: in the hotel
Distance to restaurants: 50m
Distance to supermarket: 50m
Distance to shops: in the hotel

Kaliakra Palace on the map